Asset Tracking and Management

The section above generally relates to items which would be used or deployed on behalf of the business, this could be complete items, individual service modules which are swapped out on site. Bolt on modules, loan or replacement modules and the internal items needed to make them all function. These will often be owned by the client. Asset management is generally based around tracking internal assets of the company.

• Vehicles, including service intervals and due service dates based on time and/or mileage. Service history including scheduled and unscheduled part replacements

• Asset purchase date and current value (both real and depreciated) current software/firmware revision along with actual files if required. Who is assigned which license F.A.C.T. like to see this.

• Current assignment, linked to resource application if required, useful for P11D.

• Link phone, track usage, many companies now issue soft copies of phone charges on CSV file. Easily track who calls who and when.

• Useful for Insurance, employee XX Laptop is stolen.