Data Write Process

Overview of Data Write Process


Application Development Phase 1

This stage takes the initial requirement and gives it life, adds detail. General structure is agreed, The requirement is finalized and documented (technical specification). Time frames, roles and users are provisionally agreed (Who sees what). The development schedule is agreed and if possible we meet with the people who will be using the app to ensure that it supports your business needs and integrates with your current work flow process.
Application Development Phase 2

We always begin by creating the application, giving access to whomever you nominate and checking that they have access. We will then set about developing the application, asking relevant questions as they present themselves. We maintain close contact with the user group (if this is agreeable) to make sure that wording, workflow, structure, output are all as required. Also if we are writing a multi-lingual app we ensure all translations are correctly spelled and grammatically accurate.
Application Development Phase 3

Once the Application is complete to roughly the 80% stage we will present it to you, showing you all of the functionality in action, we will also review how any requested restrictions/filters are applied. Review workflow and compare it to the actual process in place. Discuss any issues and their potential workaround. We will also look at assigning roles and focusing access ensuring the everyone has access to the information they need.
Application Development Phase 4

All of the additions, modifications and “Tweaks” from the testing phase are added into the balance of the development phase, the application is completed, it is transferred to your QUICK Base account (If applicable) specific users or groups are added and assigned their specific roles (If Applicable). Final testing takes place.
Application Development Phase 5

The application is handed over and a number of things may happen depending on the specific requirements. Reports are written and tested, data is imported and tested, client access is arranged, your brand is added to the application, automatic e-mails and reports are generated, training documentation is written, training is given (useful if you have several sites). On-site support is arranged, phone support is arranged Also after around 4 weeks when the application has settled a document is produced detailing your application (if required).